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Sean Pastorok is a freelance photographer based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. He started Pastorok|Photography in 2012 and went on to become the event photographer of the West Chester University School of Music from 2014-2017. During his time at WCU, he gained experience taking concert pictures, family photoshoots, private commissions, sophomore/junior/senior recitals, plays/musicals, graduation photos, and professional headshots for young men and women that wanted to start their professional career.

Sean wishes to provide his clients with a new style of photography. To keep costs as affordable as possible for his clients, he sends high-quality photos through an email service so that his clients can download and post them online or use third-party resources to customize their products. Sean provides discounts to young men and women in high school and college to help them get a professional start to their career.

Sean also offers private lessons to those wishing to learn more about photography. He encourages those that have an interest in photography to learn from as many sources as they can to improve their skills.


About the

Sean Pastorok has been teaching martial arts since he was 16 years old. The life lessons and fundamental qualities of a black belt that he has made a part of his life are what he strives to provide all of his students. He combined his passion for music with his love for teaching that he developed through martial arts.

Sean, just like many of his students, started playing the cello in elementary school and continued all throughout grade school and college. He studied Music Education at West Chester University and graduated in 2017. He founded, directed, and arranged KIGAKU, the first student string ensemble at WCU. Before he graduated, KIGAKU put on five successful themed concerts that supported local musicians and promoted the exposure of contemporary string music. While student teaching in the Council Rock School District, he was offered and accepted an instrumental teaching position prior to graduating.

Sean was the orchestral director of Maureen M. Welch Elementary and Churchville Elementary during the spring of 2018 where he prepared his students for their spring concerts. He provided weekly lessons to 194 students.

Sean was the Orchestra Director of Lower Moreland High School during the 2018-2019 academic year. On top of directing the String Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, he also taught Beginner Guitar, Advanced Guitar, and "Arts, Music, and Culture" (AMC) which was co-taught with the art teacher. He is dedicated to pushing each of his students to realize and achieve their personal best.

Sean will resume providing private lessons during the summer.