AMC Curriculum

Course Outline

Just as creative individuals grow and change, this course is constantly growing and changing.  Below is a general outline of AMC units and potential projects. The content of those projects rests on you as creative individuals.  Use this page as a guide for things to come.


Discover creative strengths and weaknesses.  Work with a group to do something new. Express your internal and external identity.

  • Cover a song with your band

  • Create an identity visual art piece


Explore ways in which the arts express ideas and emotion.  Look at visual art with “new eyes.” Dissect film and television.  Find expressive examples throughout your day.

  • Analyze and critique artwork

  • Analyze music expression through film

  • Interpret a work of art through a different means of expression

  • Make a mixtape, poetry, dance, drum circle, etc.


Combine multiple means of expression to tell a story.  Create a project with thoughtful music and action. Work as a team to define and execute unique roles.

  • Design a storyboard

  • Write a script

  • Create characters and sets

  • Film/record your story

  • Edit your story and sound


Discuss the impact of the arts through protest art and music. View artwork from around the world.  Listen to music with impact. Analyze your passions.

  • Create a piece of protest art to hang in LM

  • Create a protest song to perform in class


Design and Create your own final project that expresses your strengths.  Work as an individual or group to create an original piece that will go in the AMC Final Show

  • Design your project

  • Practice/create your work

  • Perform or display at the AMC final show