First year members of the orchestra program have the opportunity to rent and/or purchase an instrument through Music & Arts. Instruments, cases, and equipment can be fixed or replaced by Music & Arts if you choose to utilize their services. You may also obtain an instrument through other methods but please know that Music & Arts are not responsible for the upkeep of that instrument.

Please contact Music & Arts with any questions regarding your account and financial information.

There are three items that need to be brought to each and every single lesson:

Instrument: This includes the instrument itself, bow, rosin, cleaning cloth, rubber band (violin/viola), chin rest or sponge (violin/viola), and rock stop (cello/bass).

Music: Essential Elements for Strings method book, "practice" exercises, and any music received by Mr. P.

Pencil: Pencils (NOT PENS) are used to mark and highlight key parts of music and should always be brought to lessons and rehearsals in case music needs to be changed.


Essential Elements for Strings is the method book that we will be using for the first year. We focus on posture, instrument hold, plucking technique, note names, instrument upkeep, and proper bow hold in the first year. Students are required to play a minimum of four times a week and record this in the front of the method book. Mr. P will write the assignments in the student's method books at the end of each lesson so students are aware of what is expected of them.


First year students have their first concert in the spring so that students have an ample amount of time to refine their skills on their new instrument! Information on place, date, time, and attire will be sent out a month prior to the concert and you will be reminded through email of all of this information closer to the concert.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Thank you,
Sean Pastorok (Mr. P)