Creative Warm-Ups: Unpacked

What inspires you?  As an athlete, do you ever watch a professional game that makes you want to practice and be a better player?  

What excites you?  As a consumer, do you ever see a new product on the market that you can’t wait to get your hands on?

What makes you think?  As a student, what classes or topics stay with you throughout the day and you can’t stop thinking about them?

This is the purpose of creative warm-ups: to inspire, excite, think.


How do we do that?  5 minute creative warm-ups should be demonstrations involving the arts that bring the class together for the purpose of creativity. Each student will complete a creative warm-up at some point during the course.  Your warm-up can be interactive or demonstrative in nature.  Some examples of past creative warm-ups are:

  • physical warm-up involving mind/body connection
  • mental warm-up using brain teasers
  • explanation of a new app/technology
  • current event review of a show/performance/artwork
  • video of art-making
  • student performance

If you are stumped with your creative warm-up, we’re here to help!  Please talk to your teachers a few days in advance and we can develop a unique warm-up for you to present.

Stuck? You can check out these inspirational websites for ideas: