String Orchestra

LOMOSO: The LOwer MOreland String Orchestra is comprised of all orchestra students in grades 9-12. String orchestra meets every day throughout the entire school year. For students that are in both orchestra and band OR orchestra and chorus, these students attend orchestra every other day.

LOMOCO: The LOwer MOreland Chamber Orchestra is comprised of students that have successfully auditioned into the group. Auditions will be held on (TBA) during the allotted orchestra class time. Students that were in chamber orchestra last year are automatically "grandfathered" in to chamber orchestra this year.

KIGAKU: A separate group comprised of students that are eager to push themselves to their limits musically. Students can expect to play a variety of well known popular pieces of music arranged by Mr. P. These arrangements are often designed for college-level musicians. Students interested in being a part of KIGAKU must already be a member of the LOMOCO.

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