Violin Bow Hold

Violin Bow Hold Tips

  • Relax your hand, slightly turn your wrist to the left, and let your fingers drop into place.
  • The tip of the bent thumb touches the frog contact point.
  • Fingers gently curve over the top of the violin bow stick.
  • The middle finger is opposite from the thumb.

3 step process

  1. Place your ring finger on the center of the frog. (If your bow has a dot, this is where your ring finger should be placed)
  2. Place your thumb on the frog contact point.
  3. Place your pinky on top of the top of the bow (fancy pinky!).
  4. Lay your first and middle finger over the top of the bow sideways.
  5. Keep your ring finger and middle finger together, imagine they're best friends that can never be seperated!