Pastorok | Photography takes advantage of the technological age we live in.
Sean finishes the editing process quickly and sends his clients a download link as soon as possible.

1. Browse

Go to the GALLERY tab, REVIEWS tab, Facebook, and/or Instagram to see examples of Sean's work.

Sean has gained experience through taking concerts pictures, family photoshoots, private commissions, sophomore/junior/senior recitals, plays, musicals, graduation ceremonies and graduation photoshoots, and professional headshots.

2. Contact

You can contact Sean through the CONTACT page, emailing Sean directly at or messaging him through Facebook on his photography page.

3. Schedule

Sean has a very flexible and ever changing schedule between being a Karate Instructor, Music Teacher, and Freelance Photographer. If Sean is unavailable at any time, he will be sure to either find a new date and time that works for both parties or recommend them to another local photographer that he knows and trusts. 

After scheduling an event with Sean, he will arrive 15 minutes prior to the agreed time in order to prepare for the event.

4. Forms

Sean requires all of his clients to fill out two forms, a general form and a Release of Liability. These forms serve as a record of agreement and transaction. These forms can be found and downloaded here. Clients may bring a printed out version of the documents to the event already filled out or Sean can provide them upon arrival to the event.

5. Payment

Please have payment ready at the beginning of the event, if this specific event restrains clients from being able to pay before, they are expected to pay immediately after the event. Clients will NOT receive any photographs until payment is received.

Sean accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit, or Venmo.
All checks can be made out to Pastorok Photography.

Sean uses a credit/debit card scanner that connects to his mobile phone. Clients will be asked to sign and how they would like your receipt.

6. Editing

After the event is over and the client has successfully paid, Sean will edit and return the photos in a timely manner. Most photoshoots take about a few days to a week to finish editing.

7. Returning

Sean sends his clients an email to the email address(es) provided in the waiver. He provides clients with a download link to retrieve their files. Clients may share this download link with as many people as they wish to share it with. Clients that forget their download link can email Sean with their name and the date of their event.

Sean utilizes the online data transferring service WeTransfer. WeTransfer is a safe and reliable method of transferring large files.

There other, more expensive, method is:
Flash/Thumb Drive - 16+GB flash/thumb drives are accepted.
***There is a $15 shipping and handling charge added with this method***

Remember that Sean returns the full file sizes so that his clients can utilize any third-party services to reproduce his images.

8. Review

Sean asks all of his clients to rate and write and honest review about their experience with Pastorok | Photography on his Facebook page. These reviews allow Sean to learn and grow. He constantly refines his skills and is always looking for constructive criticism.

9. Offers and Discounts

If you refer 10 people to Pastorok | Photography, you will receive one FREE 30-minute photoshoot at an approved location.


Be sure follow Pastorok | Photography on Facebook and Instagram for discounts and offers!

10. Donate

Any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for donating to Pastorok | Photography. Every donation will help Pastorok | Photography grow and continue to give back to the community. These donations will go towards new equipment (lenses, camera bodies, flashes, etc.) and will help Pastorok | Photography keep it's affordable prices for young men and women trying to start their professional careers!

Thank you so much,
Sean Pastorok